SEO company Etawah

SEO company Etawah

What Makes Us the Best SEO Service Provider Company in Etawah?

Dedication to Excellence
All-inclusive service
Superior customer service
Cutting edge technology to find the best results for your business

At Rank Magnate, we deliver the best results for your business by using the power of SEO partnerships with our clients to drive more traffic, leads, and sales. From AdWords management to website design, we will execute a digital marketing strategy that will exponentially grow your brand in less time than you imagined possible.
Rank Magnate is a leading SEO Company Etawah, UP which specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.We have an incredible team of well-trained and experienced professionals who have helped countless companies rank on top of different search engines like Google and Yahoo.
We are best SEO Company Etawah provide effective, personalized and long-lasting solutions to all the challenges faced by businesses on digital marketing which helps them in getting maximum organic traffic. Our goal with SEO is not only to earn revenue but also to help clients in creating a long lasting online presence in their respective market segments through search engine rankings & visibility.

Seo Service We Offer

SEO For National or Global

At Rank Magnate, we can do both since we work exclusively on customized, local SEO for your business. So whether you’d like to rank nationally or globally, we are more than capable of doing both.

SEO For Ecommerce

Not only is Rank Magnate master at SEO, but we are also experts in ecommerce. Our services have allowed us to grow even the most competitive niches into thriving online businesses.

Guest Posting

Regular SEO content updates are a key to ranking high on Google. Rank Magnate can deliver content for your business on a regular basis by leveraging the power of guest posting.

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SEO For Enterprises

Since we have experience handling enterprise-sized clients, we know how to handle the ecommerce service needs of companies with huge budgets. So even if you’re a multi-million dollar company looking for an investment for your online business, we are a great choice for your services.

Content Marketing

Content is King, and SEO is the Queen. Rank Magnate is dedicated to serving as the ultimate content marketing partner for your business. No matter what kind of content you need, we can get it for you by leveraging the power of social media.

Online Reputation Management

We can work with you to build a positive online reputation for your organization at Rank Magnate. Our public relations campaign will help you completely rebrand your image on the web, making you look like an industry leader and getting you noticed.

Top Notch SEO Company Etawah: SEO Engagement Models

SEO Plan
For our SEO Plans, we know that you are a business trying to get attention from search engines. Most people, however, have no idea how to do it. We work with you as your marketing consultant – understand your goals and potential challenges and develop an action plan for getting the best results from your marketing campaign.
SEO Consulting
You can also hire us to be your SEO consultant. In this model, we will work with you, your developers and staff to develop an SEO strategy for your business that you can use for all of your online marketing needs.
SEO Advisor
You can also hire us as your SEO advisor. In this model, we will do the same thing as in our consulting model, except that we don’t actually implement the strategy. Instead, we give you all of the information you need and let you figure out what you need to do next.

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Leading SEO Company Etawah : Why Choose Us

Rank Magnate has built a reputation for results-driven, analytics-driven marketing. We are a trusted partner to 500 companies and start-ups alike, and our results speak for themselves. Our reputation for results was established from the moment we started working with clients. Back then, our goal was to get as close to 100% organic search traffic – and we succeeded. We take pride in being the first to offer you a quality service. We want to be your go-to for all of your needs, large or small. Our innovations have given us an advantage over our competitors, and we are always looking for new ways to surprise you with our services. Take a look around, see the difference for yourself.

8 Years of Experience

We have over 8 years of experience working with businesses with Google search traffic. Our service offerings are designed to help you achieve your online marketing goals by using the power of SEO.

Talented Team

What really sets Rank Magnate apart from our competition is that we have a top-quality team of SEO experts. Our team members are highly qualified and committed to your success by leveraging the power of SEO for your organization.

Result Oriented

We understand that you need to achieve results for your online marketing campaign, and we make sure we have exactly what you need to help your business become a success.

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Our SEO Process

We use a methodical approach to SEO that focuses on creating high-quality, relevant content for your audience. We analyze your website, your competitors’ websites, and the search marketplaces so that we can create a game plan which will help you dominate your digital marketing space.

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Account Management and SEO Reporting

We provide monthly SEO reporting for all of our clients. We want to ensure that our service is meeting your needs, and we want to make sure that your results are what you expect for your investment.

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Ethical SEO

The whole point of SEO is to achieve growth for your business. We never use underhanded tactics that jeopardize your brand’s reputation, so you can trust that we will help your business make great strides with digital marketing.

Process We Follow For Your SEO Results

Check Current SEO standing
SEO is a short-form for search engine optimization. It uses certain strategies to enhance the visibility of your website on the Internet by making it easier for visitors to find you in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. So firstly, we check the current SEO standing of your product and services.
Technical SEO Audit
Rank magnate is the best Leading SEO Company Etawah. We will help you! With our Technical SEO Audit, we can compare how well your current website is performing on the web. We will review and audit most areas of your site with this comprehensive report that identifies where issues exist: content, usability and technical functionality. The results will help identify what should be done to improve organic search performance.
Business keyword research
We've done in-depth keyword research to find out what people are typing into search engines and using as keywords. We learned from this information what keywords you should include on your content, site, and marketing materials. This way, we can help you succeed before you even start!
Competitor Analysis
Competitor analysis will help you tailor your approach, strengthen your message, develop new strategies, and ultimately bring more customers to you. We will introduce you to all the steps of competitor analysis order, including how to compete with larger companies.
On-Page SEO
We do On-Page SEO means that we are known for providing Google with value for their time. We always believe in doing things the right way, and by this, we mean following Google guidelines and best practices as well as taking time to make sure it is done properly. With years of experience in the industry, our team will ensure your website has a competitive edge.
Off-Page SEO
Off-page SEO technique is one of the most important aspects of an overall digital marketing strategy. This means that if you want to rank well on Google, you should do everything possible to influence your target keywords search volume as well as its position on the SERP. This includes doing things like creating a backlink profile and writing quality content.


What is SEO ?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines to drive traffic and customers to your product or services using digital marketing.
Why SEO Service needed?
To answer this question, we should know Why Google? For this, we should not forget that Google is one of the most important search engines in the world. In 2010, roughly 70% of all searches conducted worldwide were done on Google. So without proper optimization, your website won't rank at all and be either completely invisible or appear at the very bottom of the SERP.
How much does SEO Cost?
It all depends on what you are looking for. There are many factors that go into determining the cost of your SEO. For example, there are a variety of SEO packages that include different services. Nonetheless, we customize our plans based on your needs in order to deliver maximum profits and ROI while staying within your budget
Can SEO plan change after sign-up?
Since Rank Magnate's service will be custom-built for your online business, our services can be altered as needed to keep up with the changing trends and demands of the industry.
What is Local SEO?
Local SEO is one of the most effective SEO services that can help your business to rank higher. It focuses on improving the visibility of your website in a specific geographic location to drive traffic and customers to your product or services in that area.